Kasmin x Parley for the Oceans

End Date: 02/11/2020

Kasmin is pleased to participate in “Parley for the Oceans x Vortic” with a group exhibition of works by artists Theodora Allen, Ali Banisadr, Tina Barney, Walton Ford, Matvey Levenstein, James Nares, Roxy Paine, Robert Polidori, Elliott Puckette, Mark Ryden, Bosco Sodi, and Bernar Venet.

Drawing on the visual language of the natural world, the works included in the presentation deconstruct and rebuild their own universes, alluding to the spiral and fractal structure of microscopic organic matter and rendering the infinitely varied forms of the animal kingdom in vivid color.

Based in New York, Kasmin cultivates a rigorous exhibition program that places historic figures of Post-War art in dialogue with the evolving practice of established and emerging artists working today. Gallery spaces are located at 509 West 27th Street and 297 Tenth Avenue, and the Kasmin Sculpture Garden is viewable from The High Line at 27th Street with access on 28th Street.